Aalborg Posters

The posters that were presented at the Aalborg 2015 Symposium on Microgrids are listed below. Download all posters as a zip file (~16 mb). Poster                                                                               Authors
Microgrids Research Programme at Aalborg University Aalborg Team
Modeling and Simulation of Aircraft Power System with Distributed Energy Resources Yongoh Choi, Byoung-Geuk Kang, Se-Kyo Chung, Yujin Song, Sooyong Chae, Se-Seung Oh
Microgrids Research and Infrastructure Highlights of DERlab Members DERlab
Development of Compact BeagleBone Black Interface Module for Supporting IEC 61850 Mi-Rim Do, Changhee Cho, Jae-Duck Lee, Gyeong-Hun Kim
Rural Sustainable Microgrid Pilot Project in Romania Stelian Gal
Control classification in DC Microgrids N.D.Hatziargyriou, C.N.Papadimitriou, V.A.Kleftakis
Parallel Operation of Virtual Synchronous Generators in a Microgrid Jia Liu, Yushi Miura, Toshifumi Ise
The SmartGen project: an example of DMS development for VPP and Microgrids S. Massucco, F. Silvestro
Optimal Demand Response for PV-Integrated Households Kishankumar M Naik, Saikat Chakrabarti
Model-Based Adaptive Protection Scheme for Isolated Microgrids O. Núñez, F. Valencia, P. Mendoza-Araya, R. Palma-Behnke, G. Jiménez
Analysis of Economic Viability of Vehicle-to-Grid Service by Plug-In Electric Vehicles for Varied Depth of-Discharge in Microgrid Markets H. S. V. S. Kumar Nunna, Swathi Battula, Suryanarayana Doolla, Dipti Srinivasan
Sihwa Microgrid with Renewable Energy Management System and Relay Coordination Yeonho Ok, Jaeho Choi, Hansang Jeong
Design and Implemetation of an Educational DC Microgrid Amirhossein Sajadi, Lukasz Roslaniec, Jordan Murray, Piotr Biczel, Kenneth A. Loparo
Earth PV rural micro grids in villages of Chad Xavier Vallvé, Matteo Briganti, TramaTecnoAmbiental S.L.
Survey on the Proposal of High-rise Building Embedded Pumped Storage as a New Dispersed Energy Storage and Water Conservation for Building Micro-grid and Large Cities Jianmin Zhang, Qianzhi Zhang ,Yijun Zhao, Yubin Fang
Multi-functional Inverter of Microgrids Xiao Zhaoxia, Fan Shijun