SBP National

St. Peter Apartments

Louisiana’s first commercial-scale solar plus storage microgrid provides sustainable and resilient power to a net-zero apartment building.

Located in New Orleans, SBP National provides resiliency and disaster relief for hurricane impacted communities. The St. Peter Apartment complex provides affordable housing to its mostly veteran residents. Between the solar plus storage microgrid power system and high-efficiency appliances, the residents see minimal power bills. The Ageto ARC microgrid controller reserves a portion of the energy storage capacity to provide backup resilient power to the building during grid failures and performs grid services while the grid is live. The system has carried the apartments through multiple hurricanes.

Key drivers: Power resilience, Islanding, demand charge management, net-zero, solar+storage

  • DER mix: 125 kW/440 kWh Li-ion battery, 116 kWAC solar
  • Management System: The Ageto ARC Microgrid Controller is a flexible, locally-hosted control solution for larger microgrids
  • Grid-connection: Urban grid-connected system with the ability to island autonomously
  • Services: Demand charge management, time-of-use shifting, islanding operations, resilience preparedness, reserving portion of energy storage for outages, operator enabled “resilience mode” to prepare the system for a grid outage with prior warning of natural disaster
  • Data Collection: The ARC Controller collects and stores data locally on the one second cycle for up to ten years. This data is exported to the cloud on the 30 second cycle and utilized to create web-hosted customer dashboards and generate performance reports. Below shows grid-tied operations.