Santiago Posters

The following posters were presented at the Santiago 2013 Symposium on Microgrids.
Note that the affiliations of only the first poster authors are listed. A zip of all posters can be downloaded from here (~36mb).

Set Point Adjustment Strategy for Mitigating Transients in Microgrid Applications
Ali Mehrizi-Sani and Christopher Stone
Washington State University

Microgrids and Clusters of Microgrids: Integrating Heterogeneous Energy Resources within a Power Distribution Feeder
Andrea Mammoli, Majeed Hayat, Nicholas Heine, Yasser Yasaei, and Leila Ghanbari
University of New Mexico

Predictive Control and Power Management Algorithms for Microgrid
Anurag K Srivastava, Ramon Zamora, and Farshid Shariatzadeh
Washington State University

Robust MPC-Based EMS for Micro-Grids
Felipe Valencia, Doris Saez, Jorge Collado, Raúl Morales, Fernanda Avila, Alejandro Marquez, and Jairo Jespino
University of Chile

Human Behavior Modeling for DSM Improvement
Felipe Valencia, Doris Saez, Rodrigo Palma, Guillermo Jimenez, and Fernanda Avila
University of Chile

“Energy OASIS” Easy-mounting Containerized RWE Power Shelter with High Temperature Batteries
Francesco Sergi, Vincenzo Antonucci, Marco Ferraro, Giovanni Brunaccini, Giorgio Crugnola, and Samuele Lupatini
Institute for Advanced Energy Technologies

Economic Analysis of Milligrids
Goncalo Mendes, Chris Marnay, Michael Stadler, Paulo Manuel Cadete Ferrão, Christos
Ioakimidis, Wei Feng, and Jan Steinbach
MIT Portugal Program

Operation Results for Enhancing Stability in a Mara-Island Microgrid
Jeon Jinhong, Hwang Chulsang, Choi Heungkwan, Kim Gyeounghoon, Ahn Jongbo, and Kim
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
South Korea

Energy Management Systems of Microgrid Demonstration Sites in Korea
Jin-Man Sohn, Jae-Sung Shim, Yong-Hark Shin, and Hahk Sung Lee
South Korea

Demand Side Energy Management of Microgrid with Energy Storage System and Renewable Resources
Jonyul Kim, Jinhong Jeon, Seulki Kim, Gilsung Byeon, and Eungsang Kim
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute
South Korea

Smart Grid Demonstration at a Commercial Building in Albuquerque
Kimio Morino and Atsushi Denda
Shimizu Corp.

Canadian Remote PV Mini-Grid with Metering Infrastructure : Nemiah, BC
Lisa Dignard, Josef Ayoub, Farid Katiraei, George Golgate, Luiz Lopez, Konrad Mauch, Sophie Pelland, Andrew Swingler, and Dave Turcotte
Natural Resources Canada

The First Canadian Smart Remote Microgrid: Hartley Bay, BC
Lisa Dignard, David Benton, Bruce Cullen, Greg Dennis, Tarek El-Fouly, Christina Ianniciello, Andrew Pape-Salmon, Steven Wong, and Michael Wrinch
Natural Resources Canada

RE-based Microgrid Planning for Canada’s Remote Communities
Mariano Arriaga, Claudio A. Canizares, and Mehrdad Kazerani
University of Waterloo

Multi-Objective Optimization Dispatch for Microgrids with a High Penetration of Renewable Generation
Michael Ross, Chad Abbey, and Geza Joos
McGill University

Islanding Detection in Microgrids Using Harmonic Signatures
Patricio A. Mendoza-Araya, Julia Merino-Fernandez, and Giri Venkataramanan
University of Wisconsin

Control of Battery and Super Capacitor Energy Storages in Renewable Microgrids System
Se-Kyo Chung, Yongoh Choi, Byoung-Geuk Kang, Yujin Song, Suyong Chae, and Se-Seung Oh
Gyeongsang National University
South Korea

Development of a 300kVA Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Platform for Microgrid Research
Seaseung Oh, Suyong Chae, Yujin Song, and Sekyo Chung
Korea Institute of Energy Research
South Korea

Design and Operational Control of the Agios Efstratios Island Microgrid
Stathis Tselepis

Development of Convergence Energy System Based on Renewables for Off-Grid Environment in Korea
Sung-Wook Hwang, Woo-Kyu Chae, Hak-ju Lee, Il-Keun Song, and Jaeho Choi
Korea Electric Power Corporation
South Korea

Regional Analysis of Building Distributed Energy Costs and CO2 Abatement: A U.S. – China Comparison
Wei Feng, Gonçalo Mendes, Michael Stadler, Jan Steinbach, Nan Zhou, Chris Marnay, and Judy Lai
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Optimal Planning Method for Stand-alone Microgrid System
Wenjian Liu, Li Guo, and Chengshan Wang
Tianjin University

PV rural micro-grid and PV individual microplants in the village of Las Balsas, Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Xavier Vallve and Mauricio
Trama TecnoAmbiental

Energy Demand Simulator for Energy Management System Design and Planning
Yohei Yamaguchi and Yoshiyuki Shimoda
Osaka University

Autonomous Microgrid Test-Field
Yung-Ruei Chang and Hsiang-Lin Huang
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

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