Tianjin Posters

Posters presented at the symposium are shown below.

Poster Title
PolyGrid – A two-vector energy independent
microgrid at University “Politehnica” of Bucharest
Lucian Toma, Dumitru Popescu, Mihaela Albu,
Constanatin Bulac, and Ion Necoara
University “Politehnica” of Bucharest
Real-Time Control of Active Distribution
Networks by Using Explicit Power Setpoints (COMMELEC)
Andrey Bernstein, Lorenzo Reyes-Chamorro,
Jean-Yves Le Boudec, and Mario Paolone
Small Community Test Site: Meltemi Vassilakis A., Messinis G., Kleftakis
V.,Latoufis K., Pazios Th., Hatziargyriou N.
National Technical University of Athens,
Energy OASIS (Open Access to Sustainable
Intermittent Sources)
Hassan Farhangi BCIT
Microgrid Portfolio by Fraunhofer IWES Jan von Appen, Dominik Geibel, Martin Braun,
Thomas Degner, and Philipp Strauss
Fraunhofer IWES, University of Kassel, and
DERLab e.V
Shanghai Jinmao Tower Case Study Jianmin Zhang and Qianzhi Zhang Hangzhou Dianzhi University and Arizona State
Case study of building energy system
operation optimization based on weather forecast
Jing Zhao, Yan Ding, Chris Marnay, Wei Feng,
and Li Guo
Berkeley Lab and Tianjin University
Design and Implementation of Microgrid
Lab-Scale Hardware/Software Demonstration
Jordan Murray, Amirhossein Sajadi, and
Kenneth A. Loparo
Case Western Reserve University
Control method and characteristics of
Virtual Synchronous Generator
Kenichi Sakimoto and Yuko Hirase Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Kawasaki
The NTUA Microgrid Laboratory V. Kleftakis, G. Messinis, A. Vassilakis, P.
Kotsampopoulos, A Rigas, I. Kouveliotis-Lysikatos, V.
Papaspiliotopoulos, G. Korres, N. Hatziargyriou
National Technical University of Athens
Taiwan’s First-Outdoor Microgrid Yung-Ruei Chang and Jheng-Lun Jiang Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER)