Posters and Abstracts

Architecture & Design

Takeyoshi Kato

(Nagoya Univ.)

Influence of Forecast Accuracy of Photovoltaic Power Output on Capacity Optimization of Microgrid Composition under 30 min Power Balancing Control


co-authors : Akihito Sone; Toyonari Shimakage; Yasuo Suzuoki

Sid Suryanarayanan

(Colorado State Univ.)

Issues in Designing Distributed Electric Power Resource Islands


co-authors: J. Giráldez; S. Natarajan

Jongbae Park

(Konkuk Univ.)

Optimal Electricity and Heat Production Strategies of Renewable Energy and Power Storage Device in a Micro-grid Energy System


co-authors: Joowon Lee; Hyeongjung Kim

Mat Syai’in

(National Taiwan Univ. Of Science and Technology)

The Lagrange Optimal Power Flow (LOPF) with Generator Capability Curves as Constraints


co-authors: Ryan Lian; Adi Soeprijanto 

 Leanne Robinson

(Arctic Energy Alliance)

 “Potential for Smart Microgrids in the Northwest Territories, Canada


 Michael Quah

(National Univ. of Singapore)

 “Feasibility Study of Micro-grids for Southeast Asia


 Jisun Lee

(Central Institute of Technology, KT)

 “An Introduction of KT Customer Energy Management Platform


co-authors: Keun-cheol Lee; Ja-kyung Han; Yoonkee Kim

Design & Planning

Yohei Yamaguchi

(Osaka Univ.)

Modeling of High Temporal Resolution Electricity Demand of Residential Buildings and Community


co-authors: Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Technology & Equipment

Ji-Hoon Im

(Kwang-Woon Univ.)

Reactive Power Control Strategy for Inverter-based Distributed Generation System with a Programmable Limit of the Voltage Variation


co-authors: San Kang; Ju-Yeop Choi; Seung-Ki Jung; Ick Choy; Seung-Ho Song

Yao Chen

(ABB Switzerland Ltd)

Integration of Electric Vehicle Charging System into Distribution Network for Island Operation Support


co-authors: Alexandre Oudalov

Chad Abbey

(Hydro Quebec – McGill Univ.)

Hydro-Quebec Smart Grid Zone


co-authors: Michael Ross; Christian Perreault

Farid Katiraei

(Quanta Technology)

Hardware in the Loop Real-Time Digital Simulation (RTDS) Testbed for Performance Verification of Microgrid Control and Protection Schemes

co-authors: Daniel Liu; Atousa Yazdani; Juergen Holbach

Demo Projects

Ali Palizban


Overview of BCIT Microgrid


co-authors: Hassan Farhangi

Nicholas DeForest

(Berkeley Lab)

Integration and Operation of a Microgrid at Santa Rita Jail


co-authors: Judy Lai; Michael Stadler; Goncalo Mendes; Chris Marnay; Jon Donadee

Dionízio Paschoareli Jr.

(UNESP-São Paulo State University)

Sugar/Ethanol Plant Represented as a Microgrid


co-authors: Gisele S. P. Marinho; Jean M. S. Ribeiro Jr.

Kazuto Yukita

(AICHI Institute of Technology & NTT Facility)

Study of Power Supply System Using DC and AC Micro Grid Systems


co-authors: Y. Goto; K. Ichiyanagi; K. Hirose; Y. Okui; H. Takabayashi; T. Matsumura; Y. Shimizu; T. Ushitokawa

Johan Driesen

(K.U. Leuven)

Local Intelligent Networks and Energy Active Regions


co-authors: E. Peeters

Michael Krok

(GE Energy)

Microgrid Technologies – 29 Palms – Distribution Optimization in Smart Grids


co-authors: Bobby Sagoo; Earl Eiland; Palak Jain; Zhi Zhou; Michael Miller; Dave Doerge

Operation (Control & Protection)

Sungyun Choi

(Georgia Institute of Technology)

Microgrid Autonomous Operation: Laboratory Implementation


co-authors: George J. Cokkinides; A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos

Paul Crolla

(Institute of Energy and Environment)

Methodology for Testing Loss of Mains Detection Algorithms for Microgrids and Distributed Generation Using Real-Time Power Hardware–in-the-loop Based Technique


co-authors: A. J. Roscoe; A. Dyśko; G. M. Burt

Josep Guerrero


Distributed Control of an Intelligent Microgrid Plant


co-authors: Juan C. Vasquez; Ibon Cerro