Marcus Garvey


NYC is one of the most energy-intensive urban areas in the world, with a growing demand for energy, resulting in grid overloads.

Demand Energy, an Enel Group company, is engaged in the Brooklyn-Queens area with an energy efficiency and load reduction programme. At the Marcus Garvey Village, a housing complex of 625 apartments in the Brownsville area, Demand Energy has developed a first-generation microgrid to make the complex fully self-sufficient.
Key drivers: Energy efficiency and Resilience
  • Context and system type: Urban, grid-connected
  • DER mix: 400 kW PV, 300 kW/1.2 MWh ES, 400 kW FC
  • Management system: Demand Energy DEN.OS™
  • Business model: The owners and investors agreed on an operational model that involves splitting savings generated by the project, so to cover installation costs and remunerate the initiative
  • Services: Demand response and Peak shaving